NXT Improved Firmware sources are hosted on a git repository.

You can clone the repository with:

git clone http://git.ni.fr.eu.org/nxt-firmware.git

Or by using this URL with your git graphical interface.

Alternatively, you can download a snapshot and extract it on your computer. However using git would help you to track your changes and to share them with other people.

You can also browse source online using cgit. Here, you will also find the change logs if you want to see what changed from the original firmware.

By accessing NXT Improved Firmware, you accept the license.

What is git?

Git is a distributed version control system used in many open source projects (like the Linux Kernel for example). It provides many useful ways to work with your source code even without a network connection. I have chosen git for NXT Improved Firmware because, using git, it's easy:

  • to have your own copy and fork of the main repository, with your own commits,
  • to merge upstream changes (from the original firmware),
  • to merge changes from others.

You can find more information on the git web site.

How to install git?

If you are using Linux, you just have to select the git packages from your distribution.

For Mac OS X users, there is a git installer.

For Windows users, follow the Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows.

How to use git?

If you do not fear the command line, there is documentation on the official git web site.

If the command line makes you nervous, there are many graphical interfaces available. There is a nice tutorial about git-gui, the default git interface. The tutorial has been made for Windows but it is also usable for other systems.