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changes/absreg: add paragraph about how to wait for movement completion
problem fixed in last version
there is also a problem with 4.6
add warning about GCC 4.7 version and ARM DEBUG
build/gcc/install: add YAGARTO for MAC OS X
add step by step instructions for Linux
faq: new jch-merge branch
emphasis headers
changes/absreg: move paragraph
changes/absreg: add comment about regulation interval
changes/absreg: add speed and acceleration units
changes/absreg: response to David
changes/absreg: NXC API included in new bricxcc release
binaries: add 1.29i-813df11 WIP version
add absolute position regulation change
add changes page, with first page documenting TempConvTable removal
binaries: add 1.29i-d1d1374 WIP version
add binaries page with first release
add shortcuts page
add link to own prebuilt toolchain for Mac
add step by step instructions for Mac OS X
sources: add direct link to change logs
faq: add questions about EABI
faq: more toc levels
build/gcc/install: remove devKitPro, this is not working
Comment regarding devKitPro
Changed Yatargo -> Yagarto
Changed Yatargo -> Yagarto
add license page
add sources page
add FAQ page
add sidebar
add build/gcc/install page
add build/gcc page
index: typo
add build page
css: underline links for better readability
index: add trademark info
index: first introduction
add logo
initial commit