NXT Improved Firmware is really useful if you modify and compile your own firmware, but if you want to first test it without compiling it yourself, here are prebuilt binaries:


Version 1.29i-bf3664d, 2010-09-12

First release, compiled without introduction animation.

Changelog (bf3664d):

  • import firmware from LEGO v1.29
  • make it compile with gcc
  • automatically compute user flash size
  • add config to include intro
  • automatically include git hash in version


Work in progress

WIP Version 1.29i-813df11, 2011-02-09

Work in progress for absolute position regulation.

Changelog (nicolas 813df11):

  • add absolute position control
  • replace unused PwnFreq IOMap with RegulationTime
  • add fractional speed support for faster regulations
  • add option to disable saturation in regulation intermediary values
  • factorize code used for PID regulation
  • move fractional position error code in its own function
  • slightly change the fractional change algorithm to minimize mean error
  • add speed and acceleration limit to absolute position regulation
  • provide access to the maximum speed and acceleration from user code and iomap
  • reduce regulation time to 10 ms